Salaam Shalom Peace

Spices in the Old City

I arrived in Jerusalem last evening after a journey by car and then by air and then by small van. I left home at 9:15 am and arrived a day later at about 3:30 pm…Nine time zones from home!! 22 of us have arrived from around the world to Jerusalem…the City of Peace…We will divide into small groups tomorrow to go to our placements. Four of us will stay in Jerusalem. This is our placement and home for the next three months. How wonderful to be back here, again… A few of us explored the Old City today. It is a walled part of the city with the most amazing narrow streets with stores with doors that open directly at the edge of the street…The most wonderful things are sold in these stores from scarves to shoes to kitchen tools to…spices!! Have a look at this mound of spices…This shop sells almost everything that you can see… Do you see the miniature model to the left of the mound of spices? That is a mini version of the Dome of the Rock. What else do you see in this picture? Can you see what is at the top of the spice mound??


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